GGNB Faculty Spotlight - Reina Engle-Stone

Reina Engle-Stone

Reina Engle-Stone was halfway through her biology degree at Cornell University when she discovered global nutrition.

Her introduction was a nutritional epidemiology class, and almost immediately she was hooked. “You could take biology and apply it to other things. I thought, this is great, this is what I want to do,” she says.

Engle-Stone was recently hired as an assistant professor in the UC Davis Department of Nutrition. Her office in Meyer Hall has a colorful map of the world, and some of the ephemera around her desk includes a Ziploc bag of aromatic bouillon cubes from Cameroon, in West Africa, where she’s done a lot of her research.

Her focus is micronutrients. Specifically, assessing whether large populations are getting enough of them (or sometimes too much), and then making recommendations about nutritional fortification. “Micronutrients is a catchall for anything we need in very small quantities,” she explains.

The types of questions she considers can be significant. For example, with statistical modeling of the costs and benefits of micronutrient fortification programs, she considers questions like: “If you put this program in place, how much is it going to cost and how many lives might be saved by implementing program A versus program B?”

Dr. Engle-Stone received her Ph.D. from the UC Davis Graduate Group in Nutritional Biology with a Designated Emphasis in International and Community Nutrition.  She previously held a researcher position in the Nutrition Department and will now be working in a new position as an Assistant Professor of Community and Global Nutrition and has recently joined the Graduate Group in Nutritional Biology.


Reina Engle-Stone, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Department of Nutrition
Office: 3253A Meyer
(530) 752-1992