Allison Stevens awarded the 2015 Kosuna Doctoral Fellowship

Allison Stevens

Congratulations to Allison Stevens, recipient of the 2015 Kosuna Doctoral Fellowship.  This award is given each year to one or two students in the Department of Nutrition in support of research on the nutritional benefits of phytochemicals.

Allison's research interests include antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of bioactive food components; impact of dietary interventions on lipoprotein metabolism; and applications of biotechnology in health and nutrition.

Before entering the GGNB, Allison received a B.S. in chemistry from Tufts University and spent two years working as a clinical research coordinator at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, MA.  She  is studying nutritional biology at UC Davis in order to understand how bioactive food components impact human health at the molecular level. Her hope is that this research will lead to new dietary strategies for health promotion and disease prevention.