Rachel Scherr, Ph.D.

Rachel Scherr
  • Assistant Research Scientist, Department of Nutrition
3149 Meyer Hall

Research Interests

Dr. Scherr’s research interests are mainly focused on nutrition education and promotion in school-aged children. Research efforts include the implementation of a multi-component, school-based intervention entitled the Shaping Healthy Choices Program. The Shaping Healthy Choices Program includes the following components: 1) nutrition education and promotion; 2) family and community partnerships; 3) support and promotion of regional agriculture; 4) foods available on the school campus; and 5) school wellness committees and policies. Specifically, Dr. Scherr is evaluating the relationship between nutrition education and measurable outcomes including nutrition knowledge, dietary intake, vegetable preferences, and novel sub-clinical biomarkers in children. Previous research included nutrition education for preschool aged-children and research on the effects of copper deficiency in genetic and dietary murine models.