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Carolyn Slupsky

Dr. Carolyn Slupsky, Chair

The Graduate Group in Nutritional Biology is a cooperative interdepartmental organization of more than 73 faculty from 17 departments in three colleges.  Students may pursue the M.S. or Ph.D. degree in nutritional biology while studying under the direction of any member of the graduate group.[more]

Designated Emphasis

GGNB Graduate Students

Bineti Vitta and Anne Williams

If they wish, doctoral students in nutritional biology can choose to be admitted into the Designated Emphasis in International and Community Nutrition or the Designated Emphasis in Biotechnology. [more]

Alumni Spotlight

David Dallas, Ph.D.

David Dallas, Ph.D., Class of 2012

Congratulations to Dr. David Dallas (GGNB class of 2012) who will begin a new position as an Assistant Professor at Oregon State University in the College of Public Health and Human Sciences starting in January 2016.   [more]

News & Events

  • Call for Abstracts for the 5th Annual GGNB Student Symposium [more]
  • Save the Date - 5th Annual GGNB Student Symposium March 28th, 9:30am-4:30pm
  • GGNB Monday Seminar Schedule for Winter Qtr 2016 is now available [schedule]
  • Carolyn Slupsky selected as a 2015-2016 Chancellor’s Fellow [more]
  • Angela Zivkovic presents at GGNB seminar on "The Changing Face of Lipoproteins: the New Era of Glycobiology" [more]
  • UC Davis Nutrition Department recruiting for Assistant Professor of Nutrition Science with a preferred emphasis in Micronutrient Metabolism [more]
  • GGNB Survival Guide for Students (2015-2016) has been released [more]
  • The 2015 GGNB New Student Orientation Event was held on September 22nd and was a great success!  [more]
  • Jessica Linnell completed her Ph.D. in Spring 2015, Gana Djurica completed her PhD in Winter 2014, Yu-Ling Huang completed her M.S. in Fall 2014, and Dorothy Keifer passed her Qualifying Exam
  • Angela De Leon won one of only ten nationwide FASEB MARC travel awards at EB this year
  • Congratulations to Allison Stevens, recipient of the 2015 Kosuna Doctoral Fellowship. [more]
  • Congratulations to Eric Nonnecke, winner of the Oral Presentation competition, and Tara Rogers, winner of the Poster Presentation competition at the 2015 GGNB Student Symposium [more]
  • Dr. Bo Lonnerdal elected as Fellow of the American Society for Nutrition
  • [more]