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Designated Emphasis

If they wish, doctoral students in nutrition can choose to be admitted into the Designated Emphasis in Global Nutrition or the Designated Emphasis in Biotechnology.

PICN BabyDesignated Emphasis in Global Nutrition

Students admitted to the Graduate Group in Nutritional Biology are eligible to participate in the activities of the Institute for Global Nutrition (IGN), including the weekly seminar. Doctoral students can elect to complete the "Designated Emphasis in Global Nutrition." There is some overlap between courses for the Designated Emphasis and the doctoral degree/area of specialization. It is estimated that the Designated Emphasis may add 15 credits to the academic program.

PhD graduate students in the Graduate Group of Nutritional Biology as well as PhD graduate students from other programs are eligible to participate in this program.

Completion of the requirements for the Designated Emphasis will be recognized on the student’s transcript.


Contact Information

Dr. Reina Engle-Stone
Director, Designated Emphasis in Global Nutrition
(530) 752-3827 



Biotech StudentDesignated Emphasis in Biotechnology

Doctoral students in Nutritional Biology can, if they wish, be admitted to the Designated Emphasis in Biotechnology (DEB). This is an inter-graduate program that allows Ph.D. students to receive and be credited for training in the area of biotechnology. This program is a supplement to your Ph.D. curriculum and when you completed the DEB, you will obtain an official notation on your transcript. The purpose is to provide graduate students an opportunity to explore biotechnology through seminars and courses and examine the relationship of academia to industry through internships.

Students interested in participating in DEB must be enrolled in the Ph.D. program of one of the participating graduate groups. Participating graduate programs currently include Genetics, Nutritional Biology, Plant Biology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Physiology, Microbiology, and Chemical Engineering and Material Sciences. 


Contact Information

Dr. Judith A. Kjelstrom
Program Coordinator
(530) 752-8228