The Graduate Student Advisory Committee (GradSAC) is a group of students from all years and research backgrounds. Committee members meet on a regular basis to brainstorm, plan, and facilitate the execution and completion of events and projects that are considered beneficial for the GGNB. Some of these events and projects include:

  • The Peer Mentoring Program for Incoming Students
  • The Graduate Student Poster
  • The Con”grads” quarterly newsletter
  • Promoting social “get-togethers” for both faculty and students
  • Participating in the GGNB Seminar Discussions
  • Working with the Graduate Student Association (GSA) student representatives to hold a New Student Orientation Luncheon and Spring Picnic
  • Organizing the first GGNB Graduate Student Symposium, to give students the opportunity to present his/her research in a professional setting
GGNB BearGradSAC Committee Members 2019-2020
  • Megan Bragg
  • Gwen Chodur
  • Jennie Davis
  • Sarah Dimitratos
  • Riley Hughes
  • Kristen James
  • Abigail Lutz
  • Mariana Parenti
  • Britt Robinson
  • Debra Tacad