Kosuna Distinguished Lecture in Nutrition with Dr. Bart Weimer

Kosuna Lecture

On April 3rd, 2017 Professor Bart Weimer gave the 13th annual Kosuna Distinguished Lecture in Nutrition, entitled "Metagenomics, genomes, and host-microbe interactions".

The Kosuna Distinguished Lecture in Nutrition is named in honor of Mr. Ken-ichi Kosuna, the founder and chairman of Amino Up Chemical Co., Sapporo, Japan.  Mr. Kosuna is a visionary business leader and innovator in the area of botanical extracts for human health.  As an introduction to Prof. Weimer’s lecture,  Mr. Kosuna spoke about past, current, and future collaborations between UC Davis and Hokkaido University Faculty of Agriculture.

Dr. Bart Weimer earned his Ph.D. in Nutrition and Food Science with an emphasis in Microbiology from Utah State University, and  is currently a Professor of Population and Health Reproduction at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. He is internationally recognized for his research on microbial physiology and function using a systems biology approach for better understanding of the complex interactions between food, animals, and humans. He has authored over 140 manuscripts, 3 books, 6 patents, and trained over 30 graduate students.



Bart C. Weimer, Ph.D.
Professor, UC Davis Vet Med, Population Health & Reproduction
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Robert M. Hackman, Ph.D.
Research Nutritionist, UC Davis Department of Nutrition
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Ken-ichi Kosuna
Chairman, Amino Up Chemical Co., Ltd.
Assoociate in AES, UC Davis Department of Nutrition