GradSac Bake Sale Picnic Day

GradSac held a bake sale for Picnic Day!

GradSac held a bake sale at picnic day in which items featured healthy ingredients (chickpeas, avocados, carrots to name a few). It was a great day and we are happy to have represented the nutrition department!

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped to make this possible!

Bake Sale GradSacOur Graduate Student Bakers

  • Riley Hughes
  • Ziwei Wang
  • Emily Roberts
  • Kristen James
  • Chris Rhodes
  • Shannon McClorry
  • Lauren Brink
  • Vanessa Dunne-Castanga
  • Jules Larke and Alice Martinic
  • Desiree Sigala

Bake sale volunteers


Bake Sale GradSacGraduate Students

  • Megan Grimes
  • Emily Roberts
  • Caitlin French
  • Debbie Fetter
  • Shannon McClorry
  • Sarah Dimitratos

Undergraduate Students

  • Maggie Zeng
  • Edith Hernandez
  • Riley Hughes
  • Xiuzhen Liu
  • Peng Ji
  • Anrong Chen
  • Qiyu Yang
  • Yirui Zhang
  • Xingyi Zong
  • Zengting He
  • Zihua Qu
  • Chulan Fan
  • Caijun Yu
  • Zimo Jiang
  • Yiwen Bao

Additionally, we would like to acknowledge the faculty members stopped by to show their support - Bo Lonnerdal, Francene Steinberg, Gerado Mackenzie, and Carolyn Slupsky.