Debbie Fetter, Ph.D.

Debbie Fetter
  • GGNB Alumni

Class of 2018

Major Professor: Sheri Zidenberg-Cherr and Rachel Scherr

Research Interests: My research focuses on how to use technology in school-based, nutrition programs to generate interest towards nutrition and physical activity. For my dissertation project, I created targeted health messages that were disseminated through wearable activity devices to encourage students to adopt healthy behaviors.

Bio: I received my Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Science from UC Davis and soon after joined the GGNB to continue to pursue my interest in nutrition education. One of the most innovative features of the GGNB is how the group is a cooperative interdepartmental organization, which allows for the opportunity to learn from different areas of expertise. The collaborative nature of the GGNB exposed me to unique opportunities, such as taking classes from the Masters in Public Health program and becoming MRI operator trained.

As a writer by nature and scientist by trade, I aspire to help bridge the gap between the science community and the general public through written and verbal communication. I also have my own blog and Instagram account where I discuss current nutrition trends and research. I am passionate about teaching and will be a Professors for the Future Fellow for 2017-2018. For this fellowship, I will be working on developing a social media boot camp. After graduating, I aim to teach and work on developing a nutrition communications program.

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