Shannon McClorry

Shannon McClorry
  • GGNB Student

Class of 2019

Major Professor: Carolyn Slupsky

Research Interests: sexually-dimorphic responses to iron-deficiency anemia and the associated mechanisms by which early-life iron-deficiency anemia negatively impacts cognitive development.

Bio: I came to nutrition in a very round-about way. Nutrition has always been something that I read about in my spare time as a hobby. Initially, I had wanted to do completely different research using NMR. But, in the process of trying to find a professor that was interested in my ideas, I found Dr. Slupsky and became fascinated by her work with infant development and metabolomics. 

I plan to complete the DE in Host-Microbe Interactions, but haven’t officially signed up. I have chosen this DE because I think the fact that all of the bacteria within and on our bodies can have such significant impact on our health is fascinating.