Andrew Matchado

Andrew Matchado
  • GGNB Student

Class of 2019

Major Professor: Christine Stewart

Research Interests: Nutrition and chrinic disease in low income setting

Bio: I come from a country where malnutrition rates are alarmingly very high. I have worked in a hospital ward looking after malnourished kids and so I have seen the health consequences of malnutrition. Additionally individuals have failed to realize their potentials be it economically because of the effects of malnutrition. These facts propelled me into singling out nutrition as my number one health priority.Despite my training as a medical doctor, my knowledge in nutrition is limited.To effectively contribute to the fight against malnutrition in my home country as well as other middle and low income settings I need to be equipped with essential knowledge and skills in nutrition. Hence my choice to study Nutritional Biology.

I intend to join University of Malawi, College of Medicine faculty of public health and family medicine so that I can teach medical undergraduate students nutrition courses. I also plan to design and conduct relevant nutrition research with emphasis on the interplay between nutrition and chronic disease. Additionally I would like to form an awareness club to sensitize the population on the interplay between nutrition and  chronic disease.